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The Plumb Perfect Level, like many inventions, originated out of frustration with the existing system, or lack thereof. Glass company owner, Brian Hale of Monroe, NC, did not like carrying multiple levels and long bars to each jobsite. Brian used any method of holding, clamping and taping a level to a long bar to get those important dimensions. Then, once in place and nearly true, he’d have to grab the tape measure, pull out the rule and strain to read the markings. You’ve all been there.

Back at the shop, in between jobs and after hours, Brian spent the better part of four years developing the Plumb Perfect Level®. He attached various sizes of levels to an assortment of long bars. He used common hardware to make an adjustable “leg” for the end of a 4ft carpenter’s level to hold the bubble steady. Brian eventually fixed an extending rod to the end of an aluminum extrusion large enough to slide over another piece of aluminum with a level bolted in place. A few steps later and the first full working prototype of the Plumb Perfect Level was on the job site. Having achieved a patent on his invention, Brian found a Charlotte, NC machine shop with whom to collaborate and work out the finer details. Now, you can take advantage of Brian’s time and efforts with your own Plumb Perfect Level.


Tool Features

The Plumb Perfect Level solves the problem of needing a third hand, and sometimes a third elbow, for your critical measuring needs. By combining a level, a long bar and a ruler, you now have everything in one hand to asses a lengthy line, leaving your other hand free to determine the “out of bubble” dimension.
With two extendable models available, you can span a distance of 56″-98″ or 24″- 42″ by extending the level from both ends. Within each end is a dial-out gauge, marked in either inch or metric units. The process is simple – extend the leveler to the desired length, place along line to be plumbed or trued and dial out the ruler until the bubble rests in the center of the vial. Read the “out” dimension on the ruler and you’re ready to move on.
The Plumb Perfect Level is also available as a non-extendable 48″ model with one dial-out gauge for those applications not requiring the extra length. One person will be able to determine shims and slopes with ease.

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Since 2013, the Plumb Perfect Level has saved countless hours in the field and profit margin on showers. The ability to use a continuous 8’ straight edge on walls helps to identify bows and order glass that fits better and brings greater satisfaction to customers. It’s been a game changer on 3000+ frameless shower doors a year for us.

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